Male Riders

Nexride bike seats customer photo"I want to take a moment to thank you for creating such an incredible product. Earlier today I received my saddle and immediately installed it on my mountain bike. I am extremely pleased and very impressed with its performance. The Nexride saddle is by far the best saddle I have ever tried. It certainly stands alone as the most comfortable AND functional bike saddle. I recently purchased three other nose-less saddles and each were comfortable when riding, but not too functional. When pedaling, your saddle is the only one that pivots from side to side allowing for my legs to move freely up and down. There is no pressure or discomfort on my hamstrings. I can say with confidence that my overall riding experience will improve. I'm glad I ordered your bike saddle. Thank you once again."
   R.G., Riverview, Florida

"As a 48 year old surgeon, now triathloning for 3 years...I thought that I was going through MANOPAUSE.  After 8 months of high intensity long rides, including NY ironman and prepping for next year, I was having real trouble in the man region.  One Sunday night at 11pm, my wife found a website saying that bikers were either impotent or going impotent and it led us to Nexride's website.   We ordered my Nexride that moment.   Now 2 months later, I'm fully back in the saddle, so to speak.  The noseless seat takes a bit of getting used to, but doesn't take long.   I strongly recommend all men consider this product."
   W.L., New York

"I cycle 4-5,000 miles per year and along with the occasional numbness, I developed a cyst that would be aggravated with every ride. Since using the Nexride seat, I have had no issues and can ride comfortably for hours."
   P.A., Plano, TX

"I received my Nexride saddle last week.  Set it up and went on a 15 mile ride.  I stopped a few miles out to lower the saddle, then went on.  I can't believe how comfortable the saddle is.  One ride and I am totally satisfied!  I must say, however, my wife chuckled a bit about my swivel hips!"
   R.T. (age 76)

"I must say, after more usage and adjustment, I just love the saddle more and more. Thrilled to tears to ride in comfort...and style, I might add."
   N.C., McKinleyville, CA

"I recently purchased your Nexride saddle and would like to share they results with you. I can ride for hours without any discomfort. I have put about 150 miles on it and will never go back to my old seat! This seat is so good that I continue to make longer and very comfortable rides. I would recommend it to anyone who isn’t totally comfortable with what they have. It really works!"
    J.L., Huntington, NY  

"Since I started using this saddle I've stopped pissing blood. The maker suggests that you ride on the saddle 12 times in order to get used to it. For me 6 times were sufficient.  I'm ordering a second saddle for another bike."

"I recently purchased your seat for my road bike. I was concerned that it would only be effective for mountain bikes, but am thrilled to report that it works great on my road bike. Per your suggestions, I gave it some time, made some adjustments on my bike – and am now 100% comfortable on it and not looking back! I really notice the difference on my longer rides. I used to have numbness and discomfort due to saddle pressure, and that is no longer the case. Thanks – great product!"
    J.H., Chicago

"I'm sure you have plenty of people telling you how much they enjoy the Nexride nose-less saddle. But I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus. I used to be a daily bike commuter until a few years back when I was diagnosed with a series of muscular issues that my doctor suggested were connected to biking. At first I didn't accept that, but then it got so bad that I couldn't sit at work. I had to raise my entire desk up and stand at the computer. And so I had to stop biking.  My expensive road bike sat in the corner. And sure enough, the muscular problems subsided. Every so often I'd decide I was "cured," and go out for a ride, but the same problems would recur and I would find myself back in pain and not able to ride the next day. A couple of months back I read about nose-less saddles in an article in the New York Times.  Immediately I recognized that this could be the solution to my problems. And sure enough, I now ride my bike EVERYWHERE. To the gym, to go meet friends, to go to the beach. It's fantastic. Yesterday I was on the bike for four hours and today I have no pain. Thank you so very much for your product, but more importantly for letting me get back to riding my bike."
   D.F., Brooklyn, NY

"As a practicing Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon with 28 years experience, and having taken care of professional athletes (Chicago White Sox, Baltimore Orioles, Professional WTA Tennis Event physician), I'm happy to provide a testimonial. Comfort is a real improvement with the Nexride saddle...much more comfortable than the other noseless saddle I tried.  My previous seat was a wide cruiser seat and even with that, I found myself continuously moving back on the seat, getting away from the horn and getting my weight contacting the proper area of my pelvis."
    D.S., M.D.

"I've heard too many horror stories over the past few years about people giving up
cycling with bad problems. I did try one of the other noseless saddles out there, and never got
used to it, so went back to a nosed saddle. Finally, with Nexride, I feel I'm avoiding health risks without giving up comfort and performance. On my trip to France the saddle was a dream. I road a half dozen long rides on my mountain bike, including on some rocky roads and muddy roads, and did a good bit of climbing. I had no problems at all, the Nexride saddle was natural from the beginning."
    F.P., NYC

"I recently purchased your seat and after several rides I’m blown away on how comfortable the seat is.  I have owned the [three competitors] all which still apply various amounts of pressure and numbing that stop me from riding.  I have not experienced any numbing from the Nexride and because of its pivoting design I don’t have any pain from the seat cutting into my leg when pedaling (unlike the aforementioned.)  I’m a large man who is a bit heavier than your weight restriction but have found it to hold up to my regular use. Thanks for designing this product and allowing me to ride again!"

"I just ordered a second saddle. Now I can ride on bikes in Seattle and in the Central Cascades. You were right that the feel of you saddle was different, but I rapidly got used to it, in maybe five rides, rather than the twelve you thought might be necessary. I did find that the precise adjustment (height, tilt and especially distance from the handlebars) was more critical than with my former saddle. Once I found the right placement, everything else fell quickly into place. I've already shown the saddle to four or five interested cyclists. Thanks for being there with such a fine product!"
     C.N., Seattle

"I just set up my Nexride saddle on my mountain bike, and, ....IT WORKS!!  I had cryosurgery for prostate cancer about 6 months ago, and from all I had been told by my doctor, my riding days were over.  Can't wait to share this with him so that other guys can get back on their bikes.  Gotta admit, I was a little hesitant to put my leg over the tube again - just the thought of having something pressing "there" gave me the willies.  Nice goin' Nexride and thanks for giving me back a big part of my life!" 
   B.L., Granbury, TX

"I had a bout of prostatitis about a year ago. They couldn't find a cause--ruled out infection and various cancers.  Symptoms gradually faded away.  So I really try to avoid much direct pressure on my prostate, especially if loaded with extra weight, like a messenger bag or backpack.  I had taken to pointing the nose of my saddle way down and trying to perch my butt bones on the very back, but the Nexride saddle is much, much better. Thank you."
    B.D., Colorado Springs

"Just put your seat on my mtn bike and my pudendal nerves and ischial tuberosities want to send you a dozen roses! They need to know the address to send them to. Seriously, you're a genius. This is the third seat I've tried and it is soooooooo much better. Much more comfortable that a regular seat and control isn't a big problem. The other designers couldn't figure out how to keep the ischial tuberosities from sliding around on the saddle--and that's what causes the discomfort. The pivot works perfectly. Have a good life. You deserve it."

Ken O.

Female Riders

"I would NEVER ever go back to a seat with a nose.  I am a road bike senior citizen that has ridden for years. I bought the Nexride a few years ago and have zero problems to report.  I no longer have any numbness or seat pain on long rides and centuries. This seat has eliminated all issues related to a sore bottom. I cannot thank you enough! I just ordered the new Nexride Pro and can't wait for it to arrive.   Women too are greatly benefiting from this seat.  Thank you folks!!!!"
   R.G. RN, York, SC

"I'm writing this email to tell you how happy I am with the Nexride saddle! Bicycles are integral part of my life for the last year and a half. I use them for commuting, getting to work, friends etc, as well as for sport and keeping in shape. Being female, the reasons I got to the Nexride saddle are somewhat atypical. I had a surgery on my genitalia in late October. I was told I should refrain from activities that put pressure on the surgical area for at least 3 months post-op, which obviously included my beloved bicycles. So I looked for a short-cut, and nose-less saddles seemed just the solution I was looking for. Nexride looked the most professional and innovative, and so I ordered one. I took some time to arrive, but hell, it had to do all the way to Israel, and when it did, it changed everything. Less then two months post-op, riding was an option again! Installation on my beloved Dahon Eco C7 took 10 minutes, and it's the first time I ever replace a saddle. It did take some getting used to, as well as to regain the level of control I had before, but eventually it became natural as a normal saddle. Nexride is super comfy. I looks small but it fully supports my body. I had a 37 mile ride this week and I only had some minor discomfort in the butt, no loss of sensation like I would experience with a normal saddle."
   I.S., Israel

I was desperate for a saddle that didn't pinch or numb my nether parts, and I bought it (money-back guarantee) without seeing it in person or seeing it reviewed by other women. I'm glad I took the plunge! It did take some getting used to but that's partly because I ride a Brompton, which has lots of vertical mobility. But I love this seat and won't go back to a "normal" seat. I never have to worry about wearing something like jeans that have thick seams or wearing pads with snaps. Those were killing me before.

I am not a long-distance cyclist, but I do depend on my bike for most of my trips. I also rarely wear biking shorts except for modesty on the very rare occasion I wear a dress.

Thank you for making such a comfortable seat!

     T.S., Philadelphia, PA