pivoting nose-less bike seatThe Nexride Saddle is the first noseless bike seat designed specifically for the sport cyclist. Unlike other noseless saddles, the lightweight Nexride Saddle contains patent-pending technology that allows it to flex with your natural motion, providing unparalleled performance, protection, and comfort.

The Nexride saddle is a padded "bench" that supports cyclists under their sit bones (ischial tuberosities, if you must), rather than their very sensitive perineal areas. The sit bones were engineered by nature to support your body weight. Your  perineum, to put it delicately, was not. (Here's our diagram of your anatomy in relation to the seat.)

Noseless bike seat on police bike from San Antonio police departmentHowever, an ordinary bench makes a lousy bike seat. Fortunately, the Nexride Saddle is no ordinary bench. A key Nexride patent-pending innovation allows the Nexride noseless saddle to pivot 15 degrees in either direction to accommodate the natural motion of your femur and pelvis as you pedal.

The combination of a robust bench and a pivoting base offers both safe and secure support of your pelvis and unimpeded pedaling for the sport cyclist.

The Nexride noseless bike seat is for the performanc cyclist. See the photo (left) of the saddle in use by the San Antonio Police Department.

Vew Details of Nexride Pro Noseless Bike Seat

Noseless Bike Seat

There are a lot of innovative versions of a noseless bike seat out there including the spongy wonder, the spiderflex seat, the velox bicycle seat, the moon saddle. The Hobson easy seat has been around awhile as has theseat. These do not seem designed for the more serious recreational cyclist and most  are not lightweight nose-less bike saddles and weigh a pound or two (400-900 grams). The lightest no-nose bike saddle Nexride also makes a good prostate bike seat. Prostate bicycle saddles are recommended for those who have had prostate surgery or prostatitis. Nexride is sometimes written as nex ridenextride, or even next ride.

Our friends at Healthy Cycling have a nice list of noseless bike seats, including our competitors. (Bring it on.) These saddles address a wide variety of issues related to urology, and neurological matters.