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Noseless saddles offer many advantages: minimizing damage to important nerves and arteries, relieving pressure on the prostate and other tissue, and improving comfort. (Read Why Noseless?)

 Since the introduction of the original Nexride saddle in 2011, many of you have asked for a saddle integrated with the seat post. We heard you and are now proud to offer you the Nexride Pro.

The Nexride Pro offers several advantages relative to the original design:

  • More fore-aft adjustability.
  • Lighter weight (post + saddle).
  • Streamlined saddle-post interface.
  • Micro-adjustment of saddle tilt.
The pivoting action for both the Standard and Pro models is the same, as shown here.
The Pro is available in the two most common seat post diameters: 27.2mm and 31.6mm. Standard post length is 280mm; Extra-long for the 31.6mm diameter post is 330mm. (See illustration in details below.) You can easily shim the 27.2mm diameter to fit diameters between 27.2mm and 31.6mm (e.g., 30.9). Amazon sells the Cane Creek shims which are quite nice.
Nexride pro seat post length and dimensions
Some footage of using the Nexride Pro on single track in Fruita, Colorado.
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1.90 LBS
Weight (Post & Saddle 27.2x280): 600 gr / 21 oz
Saddle dimensions: 200x75mm / 8inx3in
Seatpost diameters: 27.2mm and 31.6mm
Post length: standard 280mm / x-long 330mm
Rider weight limit: 250 lbs. / 114 kg
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