Who is the Nexride really designed for?

We designed the Nexride saddle for the performance-oriented cyclist. The majority of our customers are 40-70 year-old males who are fairly serious cyclists. The Nexride saddle is relatively small and light, and it doesn't look dorky. Thus, it fits in pretty well with a cycling enthusiast's life. Having said this, we do have older, younger, heavier, and less-serious riders among our customers.

pink-girl-cyclist.jpgIs the Nexride only for guys?

About 85% of Nexride customers are male. However, we have many female customers who are enthusiastic about the Nexride saddle. Of course, some anatomical issues are different, but both male and female riders have comfort issues with existing saddles, and both benefit from protecting important nerves and arteries compressed by conventional saddles.

Should I buy the Nexride standard saddle or the Nexride Pro?

Our first product was the Nexride standard saddle. We designed it to fit most bicycles. Bicycle saddles use a fairly archaic interface standard (those two rails under your seat). Using that standard interface for the Nexride saddle requires some design compromises. We designed the Nexride Pro to be fully integrated with a seat post, without compromise. This allows the combination to be lighter, smaller, and generally tidier than our standard saddle on a conventional seat post. However, we can't make it fit the dozens of different sizes of seat tubes out there -- so we made it in the two most common post diameters: 27.2mm and 31.6mm. If your bike uses one of those diameters, you'll like the Nexride Pro a bit better. Because the Nexride Pro includes both saddle and seat post, it also costs more than the saddle by itself. (Note that if your post is larger than 27.2mm in diameter and less than 31.6mm in diameter, e.g., 30.9mm, then you can use a shim plus the 27.2mm Nexride Pro to fit you frame. The Cane Creek shims are nice and available from Amazon. We offer a 30.6mm option on the website, which is a 27.2mm unit with a 30.6mm shim included at no charge.)

Will the Nexride no-nose bike saddle fit my seat post?

There are millions of seat posts out there. Most bicycles of reasonable high quality have a "two rail" clamping system. If you look under your saddle and there are two metal rails and if those rails are clamped by the top of your seat post, then the Nexride standard no nose saddle will probably fit. It will probably not fit a spin bike or exercise bike without that two-rail clamping system.

If your existing seat post is round and one of the two most common diameters -- 27.2mm or 31.6mm-- then you can use the Nexride Pro integrated saddle and post system.

How do I know what is the diameter of my existing seat post?

Pull your existing seat post all the way out of your bike frame. Look for markings near the end that was inserted in the frame. Most posts are marked with the manufacturer's name, a minimum insertion point, and a diameter in millimeters. You could of course just measure the diameter, but to do that you'll need a caliper or micrometer with accuracy to +/- 0.05mm or so. (While you're at it, take the opportunity to clean and lubricate that post.)

Can I use my seat bag with the Nexride saddle?

Probably. See the photos and instructions on our support page.

I've got one of those "ergo" seats with the middle cut out. Won't that protect me?

Nope. Turns out those saddles direct even more pressure to your pudendal canal, which is a very bad thing. Check out these articles showing how saddle pressure is influenced by that cut out. Here is a diagram of the rider's anatomy as as the bike saddle interacts with the pelvis.

How different does the Nexride saddle feel?

Very different initially. After about 12 rides it will feel completely natural. In fact, after 12 rides, we're pretty sure you won't want to put your delicate anatomy on a conventional saddle. THAT will feel weird.

Can you race on a Nexride saddle?

Yes, but we don't recommend you race the first time you try the saddle. The Nexride saddle feels very natural after a couple of weeks of training. It feels like an alien creature the first time you ride, though. You don't want that experience on race day.

Are there any negatives associated with the Nexride nose-less seat?

Sure. It isn't as light as the stupidest conventional saddle, although at 270gr it's the lightest noseless saddle out there. It's also not as easy to ride with no hands as a conventional saddle, although many of our customers have reported that they have mastered no-hands riding (careful out there!).

How is the Nexride noseless saddle for mountain biking?

The Nexride noseless seat has been tested extensively on the gnarly single track in Park City, Utah, Big Sky, Montana and Fruita, Colorado. Your buddies will be saddle sore the second day and you'll be sittin' pretty. Here's some footage we shot using a GoPro on a recent ride in Fruita (amazing riding, there, by the way).

What about road biking?

Many of our customers ride both road and mountain bikes. Indeed, it's a rare mountain biker who doesn't put in a lot of miles on a road bike (although the converse is not true). So, in sum, for whatever kind of riding you do, the Nexride no-nose bike saddle is a good option.

What is your return policy?

Try the Nexride saddle and if you don't like it, send it back within 30 days of purchase for a refund of the full purchase price.

Do you ship outside the U.S.?

Yes, you simply select "International" from the shipping options in the pull-down menu on the home page. Make sure you understand how your postal service will handle VAT and other fees for purchases from the U.S. Our shipping policies and estimated delivery times are here.