karlnexride.jpgNexride LLC was formed to commercialize innovative bicycle components. The company was founded by Karl Ulrich, a serial entrepreneur and product designer. Karl is a co-founder of Xootr LLC, the maker of the Xootr kick scooter. He is also a co-founder of Terrapass, Inc., the leading retailer of carbon dioxide offsets and a leading originator of greenhouse gas mitigation projects. Karl is the Vice Dean of Innovation at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

With Xootr LLC, Karl commercialized the Swift Folding Bicycle, which is the only folding bike to offer a full-size ride. He is also the inventor of the Crossrack Bicycle Rack, which is an innovative approach to putting your gear where you want it on your bicycle.

A few years back, in talking with his cycling buddies, he became aware of the risks associated with conventional bike seats. Over the next few years he perfected an alternative design, the Nexride Saddle. He made a few for himself and his friends and before long many people were asking for them. Nexride LLC commercialized the design to be able to offer the saddle to the public.

nexride bike seats in use by friendsAt left, some members of the "Western Mountain Academy," guys who have been riding together for 15 years every fall and discussing lots of opportunities for innovation in cycling. This gang conveniently includes bike racers, triathletes, orthopedic surgeons, and lots of middle-aged bodies, so makes for the ideal focus group. The WMA members helped refine the Nexride noseless saddle and (mostly) didn't laugh during many iterations of prototype testing.